Mass Schedule
8:00 am - TuesdaySt. John, Byron
8:00 am - WednesdaySt. James, Oakfield
1:00 pm -ThursdayHope Nursing Home - Lomira
8:30 am - FridaySt. Mary's - Lomira
4:00 pm - SaturdaySt. Mary's - Lomira
8:00 am - SundaySt James, Oakfield
11:00 am - SundaySt. John, Byron

Our Pastor's Message

In the Gospel of Mark, (Mk. 1:16 ) we find the account of the call of the first disciples as Jesus embarks on this public ministry in Galilee.  Jesus first catches sight of Simon and Andrew, two fisherman casting their nets into the sea.  An invitation is extended to them to, "come after me and I will make you fishers of men."  Jesus begins his ministry by doing what his early followers were doing, casting a net.  Shortly, after Andrew and Simon are called, two other fishermen, James and John, the sons of Zebedee are also called to follow Jesus.  With incredible trust, they cast aside their nets and followed Jesus.  For over two thousand years, people of who been working have heard the call of Jesus to "come follow me" and have responded.  

As our community celebrates 160 years of responding to the call of Jesus to "follow him, " we must pause.  We must pause to remember those early disciples--men, women, and children who came before us, who cast aside their nets to be followers of Christ and endured hardship, persecution and death. We must remember those who came to this country and worked to settle this land from the East to the West who frequently and faithfully left their nets to respond to the call of Jesus to follow him.  We must remember all these, and with a deep sense of gratitude, we must pause to remember those whom we entrust to God's mercy who worked and sacrificed to bring the Catholic Faith, the very same faith that comes to us from the apostles, to this place, in our hearts.  For one hundred and sixty years, the people of Byron and Oakfield have celebrated, shared and been united by a common bond of one faith, one Lord, and one God of all.  Our history extends well beyond our 160 years and the boundaries of state and nation.  Not only must we remember with gratidtude to God those how left their nets faithfully to share their gift of faith, we must celebrate the lively faith found in our community today.  As we celebrate, we look to the future with hope and trust as we continue our journey.  With courage, we cast aside our nets to follow Jesus as we take on the yoke of the disciples entrusted with the task of living and handing on the gift of enuring life-giving faith.